The company understands the needs of its customers for the future. In order for MASAM to be successful tomorrow, we are adopting innovative measures today, diversifying the portfolio of our customers, placing emphasis on professionalism of the staff and establishing ourselves in the aviation and space industry, the quality certification EN 9100: 2009 can only prove it. In order to make your plans and visions come true, you have to have courage and capable people. MASAM has both.


The priority objective of the present and future is to achieve the highest possible level of quality, meet customer requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

In the near future the company wants to focus on the expansion of technological equipment, investments in new projects, and in no small measure cooperate with schools in Vrable and nearby.


Technical development is currently recording dramatic changes. In the field of science and technology new knowledge occurs almost daily. Only the most successful can keep the pace with such a dynamic trend. MASAM belongs among companies that take a dare and can successfully move forward in the field of technical equipment, staff training and acquiring new customers. The current production program creates an excellent basis for the future success that is needed for modern companies.


Planning for the future and creating new projects are among important and indispensable parts of any successful business. Without these attributes no undertaking would succeed in the difficult process of development. MASAM company also builds for the future, as evidenced by the application of new projects into practice, as well as the preparation of projects soon to see the light of day. Whether it’s the introduction of new production processes, diversification and introduction of innovative technologies or processes into production.