MASAM R&D represents a research and development network with specific fields of interest. The individual fields of research may be broadened in the future to topics and needs of the market. MASAM R&D also provides the customers a comprehensive package of services such as turnkey technology, analysis of the state of cutting tools from the production process, application and technical support and the like. Each establishment has an R&D center that is designed for the research and development in each field under the guidance of a professional. MASAM R&D conducts extracurricular educational activity as well as organizes workshops in the mentioned research topics for our customers and for the continuous education of our employees. MASAM R&D also trains future graduates for praxis throughout the studies for a specific customer or for our own needs.  The goal is to further strengthen communication and the relationship with the customer in addressing their technical requirements and needs.

The outcome should be, as far as possible, the application of graduates of our schools in practice and especially in Slovakia.  We want to help educate highly qualified staff who will create higher added value for industry in our country.