We will print a form, part, design element for you, up to a size of 3 x 1 x 2.5 m. Including the final surface treatment required by you.

What are we printing from?

Certified thermoplastics with patented formulations – short fibre pellets (cellulose, glass, carbon, etc.) Bioplastics, general plastics, high-quality plastics resistant to high temperatures. We are able to process the final surface according to your ideas and requirements.

How do we proceed?

Do you want to try large-format 3D printing? Contact us, we will be happy to prepare a quick print analysis for you to see if the object is suitable for printing and convenient for you. We will recommend a suitable material for you. We are able to perform strength analysis and possible optimization to achieve the required properties.

Will it always be cheaper?
Faster? Better?

It depends on the application, the material used, the printing method, the end use. In some cases, large-format 3D printing will guarantee you a dizzying speed of production, in some cases an unbeatable price, sometimes properties and in some cases all of the above.